Forgues Gestion SAS and Forgues Gestion UK Ltd join to bring a successful conclusion the ECB project from London.More informations to be followed on our website


Most of the time, wealth management is associated with investing the client’s money into different kind of assets but it is also a matter of fiscal optimization and reporting its wealth to the fiscal authority: We are at your sides in order to help you and advise you in relation with these specific procedures.

Personalized tracking of your financial products and assets, fiscal optimization, credits with low interests’ rates (Lombards credits) and support through the personal worth statement return process are some of the solutions we offer at Forgues Gestion.


Developing a genuine portfolio management strategy based on both private and professional assets, taking into account the future investment and life plans of our clients….

Assessment of your investing profile, creating a trust based and risk-tolerant approach and submitting accurate investment proposals. 3 steps, 2 different meetings and “one and only” decision maker: the client himself.


We advise entrepreneurs in developing and transmitting or their businesses. We also work with partners with regards to M&A operations.

Employee and retirement savings, fundraising and private equity; Forgues Gestion is on your side.