Are investments risky? if so, how you position yourself to risk and can it be reduced?

All investments are risky, however it depends on your investor profile. We are able to reduce risk by using structured products with capital, hedges or just float among the most secure. The choice is with you when you go or we fix all your goals and your investment profile.

If I need my money, can I have access at all times?

Your money is available anytimes. The best is to inform us of your projects so that we can anticipate withdrawals.

How are you paid?

Our remuneration is 1% per year of your investment portfolio. In return, the company will refund all hidden fees.

Are there monitoring and regular reportings?

Yes, the portfolios are monitored daily. Our advisors are at your disposal for any questions and requests for advice regarding your investments and your portfolio. The daily support is key to achieve a lasting and trusting relationship.

Am I consulted before each operation?

Yes, a good tracking portfolio is monitored in a long relationship and trust. No operation is possible without your prior consent.

Can I access my accounts?

Yes, you have secured and encrypted internet on company servers access. Your portfolios are available in real time from your computer, tablet or smart phone through our customer portal.