Our Values


Forgues Gestion is financially independent and the capital is exclusively owned by the founders of the company. We provide our clients, honest and fair advice, that fit the most to their specific needs and interests. We are also dedicated to building a relationship of mutual trust with our clients. We use a detailed KYC (Know Your Client) and a very precise “risk tolerance questionnaire” in order to be the most accurate possible on our financial advice.


Our pricing consist of a single annual fixed rate fee of 1% calculated on the global amount of your portfolio. We exclude any hidden costs or charges so, once a year on February N+1), we restitute our clients the full amount of restitutions we’ve received from our partners (from structured products or funds subscriptions).


If you decide that we should work together in order to grow the size of your portfolio, you can contact us at anytime, 24/7 by mail via a single contact: sf@forguesgestion.com or by telephone on your adviser’s direct line.

We believe that Finance should be at the service of individual, corporate and economic development so it should accommodate to the human societies rather than the opposite.