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By filling the following form, we offer you to deliver a simulation of investment strategy (in all discretion of course and not renewable on the website).





• This draft is not a contract between you and Forgues Gestion and is only for information purposes before a first meeting between us. Indeed, we need to meet you in order to rigorously investigate and conduct an in-depth case study of your wealth and your investment & risk profile before coming up with an efficient investment strategy designed specifically for you.

• If it appears that this draft is suitable for you and that we did well understand your profile and objectives as an investor, all you have to do is to contact us and ask for a meeting with our advisors.

During this first meeting we will try to get to know each other better and we will extend the knowledge of your personal situation. We have to know and trust each other before doing business together.

IMPORTANT: In the “Your Message” box below, please indicate the nature of your investment objectives, do you want to secure your wealth to transmit it to your heirs, do you want to make profits, do you need to buy a property and don’t have sufficient liquidities at the moment? (non exhaustive examples)

We guarantee that this message will not be archived or used for commercial purposes after the treatment of the information. This is your choice to contact us afterwards.

Olivier Forgues


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