A stock is a title deed issued by a company capital.It gives the holder the ownership of part of the capital with rights associated : intervene in the company's management and draw an income called dividend

What is a stock?


A bond is a security constituting companys' debt. Authorizing bond yields, the bond is transferable and can be quoted on a stock exchange or the secondary market. Most of time, the volumes are traded over the counter.

What is a bond?

Structured products

A structured product is a financial instrument issued by a bank or insurance company.It is generally composed of two elements : the first protecting the capital, the second, most risky, allows to optimize product performance.

What is a structured products?

Investments funds

Collective investment undertakings. They are called mostly investments funds.Timeshres funds, emitting from savers, in shares, property titles that represent a part of their portfolio.They are generally open-ended, allowing subscriptions and redemptions at any time for investors

What is an investment fund?

Lombard credit

Credit secured by the pledge of a deposit of securities: stocks, bonds, money market investment. The lender determines the maximum amount of credit for each security pledged depending on the creditworthiness of the borrower and the risk of the securities underlying the transaction.

What is a lombard credit?