We always advise our clients at the closest of their tax optimization needs and dependent to the strategies and objectives that are set up together

The offer of Forgues Gestion

The investment horizon of Forgues Gestion is constructed according to the principle of open architecture. We offer:

• All types of investment products, from shares to structured products and UCITS

• Different modes of detention of assets (Life insurance/ Capitalization contracts/Equity savings plan (PEA)/Securities account)

•Held in France or in Luxembourg

Here are the Products and modes of holding that we offer our clients

Life insurance and capitalization contract

In order to fiscally optimize the management of your wealth, we offer different modes of holdings under the form of tax envelopes

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Equities account and equities saving plan PEA

To house your stocks, you have the choice between the equity savings plan (PEA) or the securities account

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Investments products

To compose each portfolio in a personalized way, the team uses varied instruments such as simple stocks but also alternative products, certificates, etc.

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Lombard Credit

Discover how to optimize your wealth with leverage effect via Lombard credit

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