Corporate Advisory

As an entrepreneur, you can be concerned about developing a cross boarder activity in France and transmitting your professional heritage. Once again, Forgues Gestion delivers advisory so that each of these steps is negotiated the most favorable way for your wealth. Moreover, according to the specificity of your activity, there are many tax allowances that are either not well-known or underestimated from most of the entrepreneurs. Forgues Gestion offers to accompany your development in France.

Developing your business in France

In our Parisian Offices, we host “Acype Finance” that is a company specialized in Corporate finance operations. Concerning Family-owned companies with a turnover comprised between € 5 and €100 Million, our partner offers a support for your M&A operations such as: • Feasibility survey • Elaboration of a Business Plan • Screening the potential industrial or financial investors. • Negotiation process • MBO, MBI and Buy-In Management Buy-Out With regards to private equity operations, we can also help your finding the best opportunities for capital opening operations: • Capital development • External growth with an LBO

Treasury management

Forgues Gestion will assist you in optimizing your cash management and employee savings plan

Cash management services

Find out our companies financial engineering services

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Employee savings Plan

Find out our employee savings plan services for the benefice of employees and officers

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Transmitting your business assets

Our job is to know all the capital gains exemption schemes as well as the right tools to lower the transfer costs and charges. Indeed, gains arising from the sale of private securities can are taxable but specific situations confer the entrepreneurs’ special tax treatments. In addition, the financial dimension of the proceeds from the sale will be addressed in order to agree with you on the overall allocation of this additional revenue. By advising you, Forgues Gestion wants to ensure that you can finance your lifestyle on a sustainable basis.