Fiscal & Wealth Engineering – Family Office- UK support

Your decisions have too much impact on your wealth to not be supported by regulation and financial specialists.
Wealth engineering enables analysis of all your assets and organization of them by bringing you the most appropriate solutions to their preservation and valorization.

Forgues Gestion offers its expertise on all the assets held personally and professionally. Indeed, if you are CEO or entrepreneur a legal and tax specialist will support you no matter your situation: optimization of operations of high balance and firm transmission for entrepreneurs, leverage of stock options for executives, tax optimization for Income tax or ISF (“Impot sur la fortune”) for independent professions. This service is performed with the services of a certified tax lawyer.
On top of our traditional management offer, we also offer firms a range of treasury management products ( term deposit, UCITS, medium-term negotiable notes) and private equity.
In order to benefit from better advice and leverage optimization, we need an extended knowledge or your domestic and wealth organization, but especially a good planning of your objectives.


• The objective of the « Family Office » is to offer a legal and wealth management of family fortune.

• The role of the family office is particularly preponderant during periods of transmission where it is necessary to organize family governance.

• It is more or less like a domestic company with specific rules.


The role of the professional adviser

The role of the professional adviser

Make sure that everyone respects the sense wanted by the “family manager” and during family counseling

The organization and animation of expert and partner reunions and make sure that the information is circulating well considering the specificities

Support you for your installation in the UK

In addition to Paris offices, Forgues Gestion has also office in London and can guide you through the process of expatriation or impatriation

Tax residence in UK

The taxation induced by this specific status

Life in England

• The « non-domiciled » status offers UK residents that don’t have the British nationality the possibility to only be exposed on revenue of British source.

• People with international activities as well as people that have a good proportion of their revenue that comes from financial investments are the persons affected by this status.

• This status, on top of its obvious tax lure, also enables protection of confidentiality of the international assets owned, because these do not have to be declared

• This status is in a matter of speaking free during the first 7 years, but then becomes charged and the “non-domiciled” has to fulfill a flat amount of 30,000 £ annually between 7 and 12 years, and 50,000 £ after 12 years.  Beyond 17 years, this status is not an option anymore.

• There is no equivalent of the ISF in the UK so you will not be imposed on your fortune.  

¤Income tax = 0 % on non-repatriated foreign revenue         
¤ISF: No imposition on fortune

Beware: The expatriation project is a project to validate with our accounting partner UK specialized in the expatriation of French residents to the UK.

√ A country with a rich history and culture
√ Approximately 300,000 French are expatriated in London
√ Excellent health and education systems
√ Many investments
√ A real advantage tax-wise